About company

The company was founded in 1959 as a subsidiary of VOKD Ostrava and was focused on the production of steel structurs for construction of mines in the Ostrava-Karvina district. Later it was renamed Báňské stavby and in 1991 the company PROGRESS a.s.Ostrava with three production divisions. The last transformation took place in 1998, when an independent company PROGRESS OK a.s., Valasske Mezirici, was established. In 2003, the company moved from Valasske Mezirici to Prerov and merged with STS-Production Prerov s.r.o. with the same nature of production.

Throughout the company's development
, steel structures were produced and only the type of products and the composition of customers changed. Production for mines gradually decreased and the share of products in other sectors increased, especially construction- production of construction crane parts.

As a major exporter within the EU in the medium- sized company category, the company ranked prestigious in 2005 2nd place in the 8th year of the DHL Unicredit Export Award, organized under the Auspicez of the CZECHTRADE agency, and in 2016 3rd place in the 19th year of the same competition. 

PROGRESS OK a.s., Prerov currently has about 80 employees and with the supply of steel structures it is used in all fields of investment activity. Their use is advantageous from a time, economic, operational and ecological point of view.

The quality of welding work is verified by "Large Certificate of Competence" according to DIN 1090 for the production of the steel structures and crain components, including ČSN DIN 3834. These are mainly steel structures of metallurgical and industrial halls and plants, chemical, engineering, textile, glass and other operations, steel construction of power plants, boiler rooms and incineators, agricultuar, sports, cultural and the social objects, stell constructions of exibicion pavilions, shopping centres, car showrooms, services, operating objects, OK racks and wherehouse steel contructions. The company also supplies technological steel structures - crane tracks, platforms, footbridges, ramps, tanks, silos and other special steel structures.

SInce 1991, the company has been implementing long-term highparts consturuction crains for the germen company LIEBHERR, invelious exceeding EUR 5 million per year, wich represent more than CZK 3 billion for the entire period.

Other the most important realized deliveries and constructions include:

  • construction of the Sparkasse building weighting approximately 870 tones in Pforzheim, Germany
  • steel structure of the dome of parliment building in Turkmenistau
  • the dome of the Kipchak Mosque, Turkmenistan
  • production and assembly of the HELA supermarket in St. Ingbert neer Saarbrücken, Germany
  • 300 tons of welded profiles for the BBI terminal of Berlin Airport, Germany
  • 110 tons for Lhoist lime tank 800 m3, Limestone Devil´s  Stairs Tman, Czech Republic
  • 130 tons welded profiles for Kings Cross Station London, England
  • 150 tons of weldede profiles for the Shard London Underground Hall, England
  • 200 tons of steel structures for power plants in nothern Bohemia
  • 50 tons of steel structures + tank for Cement works Rohoznik, Slovakia
  • Glass melting furnaces for Austria and Sweden